Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP are not supported.

GIW SLYSEL does not require Administrator security authority for installation or removal. GIW SLYSEL is installed as a per user application.


You can install GIW SLYSEL by clicking on the link below. It will launch the installation webpage as seen below (version will be different). Depress the “Install” button to initiate the installation. The link below will automatically install the latest version of GIW SLYSEL. If GIW SLYSEL already exists on your workstation, it will update the previous version of SLYSEL by installing the latest version. SLYSEL/publish.htm



After installation you will find a light yellow SLYSEL icon on your desktop. Double click on this icon and it will launch GIW SLYSEL. When you start GIW SLYSEL it will come up in a 30 day Evaluation mode. When you start GIW SLYSEL it will pause with a dialog as seen below that informs you of evaluation mode of the software. There will be a button that asks you to "Enter Key". Select the "Enter Key" button and e-mail Engineering Department’s Administrative Assistant, (Jennifer Belgin) at  with your “E-mail address:” for your Name:, hardware fingerprint of your system as highlighted below. She will return in an e-mail to you a GIW SLYSEL license key to enter into the Key registration dialog. In the meantime while waiting for your license key to be returned, you can depress the "Cancel" button on the "Enter Key" dialog and depress the "OK" button on the Evaluation dialog and GIW SLYSEL will execute normally for 30 days.  The “Reminder” and “Enter Key” dialog boxes will no longer be prompted once you have the valid license key entered. The only time you need to request a new license key is when you change computers or your hard disk crashes and has to be replaced or rebuilt.



Reminder Dialog














Example Key Dialog





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